Surgical Services

Aiken ENT

Surgical services are the core of an excellent ENT office, but most patients do not actually need surgery. Most of the conditions that are addressed at Aiken ENT are approached from a surgical perspective, that is, with surgical treatment options as a backdrop against which other treatment options are compared.

We provide a large range of surgical procedures for the ears, sinuses, nasal airway, facial skin, throat, neck and thyroid. (We operate on anything from the neck up, except for the eyes, brain and spine.) Our most common procedures are pediatric ventilating tubes for the ears, eardrum repair, tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, nasal septoplasty and sinus surgery, biopsies and staging of head and neck cancers, removal of skin cancers and reconstruction of defects, thyroid and parathyroid removal.

Most of our surgeries are provided on an outpatient basis. We provide detailed instructions for postoperative care and see patients frequently in the post op period to help them manage their conditions.

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